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stockage médicaments

Bailly-Creat laboratory has been established in Vernouillet - Eure et Loir, near Paris, on almost 2 hectares. The manufacture area is 2,000m² wide and the storage area is 3,000m² wide.

Bailly-Creat products are registered in more than 30 countries. The dried forms (tablets and capsules) produced by Bailly-Creat are acknowledged all world-wide.




Annual manufacture capacities are:


  Tablets and film coated tablets   400 millions
  Capsules   150 millions
  Blisters   100 millions
  Boxes   20 millions



fabrication médicaments

1908: The Bailly brother founded a huge Drugstore in “rue de Rome” in Paris. Today, this drugstore is still one of the greatest drugstores in the capital city.


1910: Since the beginning of their activity, the Bailly brothers have been attracted by the international market. In 1910, they exported the first formula of Bailly’s Pulmoserum to the West coast of Africa, the North coast of Africa, to Asia, and Oriental countries.


1928: Created by the Bailly brothers, A.Bailly-Speab Laboratory was one of the first laboratories in France. The Bailly brothers had already been in the health care business since 1902.


1972: Creat Laboratory started its activity with the production of generic drugs, meant only for exportation.


2002: Bailly-Creat laboratory has been created after the merger


Thanks to the quality of Bailly-Creat Laboratory’s organisation and cooperation with many humanitarian NGO, Bailly-Creat Laboratory has made a good reputation for itself, particularly in Africa and in Asia. Bailly-Creat Laboratory is also very well-known in France as a subcontractor.




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