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Bailly-Creat Laboratory follows its customers in each step of development and industrial scale up.


stockage médicaments


Bailly-Creat will be your favourite partner in development and manufacture of small and middle size batches.


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Subcontracting of pharmaceutical and Parapharmaceutical products (food complements or dietetical).

    Manufacture of tablets and capsules
    Quality control
    Film coating
    Process validation
    Stability studies (ICH)
    Box package


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Machinery :

Tableting and capsule machine
Gral 400 blender
Fette 1200 tableting machine
Cremer counting machine
Aeromatic (dryer)
Fette 2000 tableting machine

5 blistering machines
(2 Uhlmann : B 1240 / C 130)

Tumbler (blender)
Courtoy tableting machine
Bosch GKF 1500 caspule machine    



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